Exercise Ball Workouts

Exercise ball workouts could be a random collections of movements without taking into account your physical fitness, emotional demands on your time or your goals. An effective workout plan is a step-by-step approach that begins with analysis and planning.

The first question you should ask your self is simple. Do you want to get results or do you want to run around in circles?

Before you answer this simple question, consider how many times you find yourself thinking, “Not again”? When you re-experience something, you are in a circle. You may enjoy that circle or may not.

The process of living in a circular experience is the same whether you like the results or not. One of the basic steps in the experiences you do not like is reacting to events in random ways.

Most people react to some event in their lives from getting older, putting on some unwanted weight, an upcoming wedding or a new year coming around the corner. There are plenty of these events in life. They all carry some emotional charge which often does not last, and when your run out of the emotional charge, you simply let go. This approach is normal and unproductive. The major problem with this approach is you never get a chance to express your full potential and enjoy the result of your abilities.

The workouts you learn here are different in two ways.

  1. They are evidenced based which means, they consider the avoidable scientific data of how effective a motion is and why.
  2. These workouts have two parts. A fixed part that is based on your anatomy and physiology which should stay fixed for maxim safety and effectiveness. Also, a flexible part that you should adapt to match your needs and goals.

Let me describe fixed part. Your knees transfer energy from your feet to your hips and from your hips to your feet. They for the most part can only bend in one direction with very little structurally safe side to side and rotational motions.

How you place your feet and how balanced the muscles of your hips are determines how well your knees work within their track. You must keep your feet; knee and hips aligned during the set up and during motions. The alignment of feet, knees and hips a fixed part of your workouts which matches the anatomy of your body.

The flexible part is an emphasis on exercise ball single leg Romanian squats vs two leg wall squats with a workout ball. Each exercise serves a different purpose and helps you accomplish specific workout goals.