What Is Aerobic Exercise

The short answer is that aerobics exercise next to resistance training is one of the most used  and worst defined terms in gaining physical fitness.

Sweaty bodies jumping up and down and looking great or not come in mind. For older individuals images of Jane Fonda flashes back.

Let’s break this down. In fitness, the term aer·o·bic, pronounced əˈrōbik,eˈrōbik refers to biological functions that require oxygen.

Any action that requires you breathing is an aerobic exercise. Sleeping, sitting, standing, walking, running, eating and making love are all aerobic exercise.

Before you decide to lie in bed all day and make love while you order pizza to be delivered to your room, you need to know two things.

First, your body also performs anaerobic activities that do not require oxygen. Most of your muscle building, strength building as well as highest calorie burning exercises are in anaerobic.

Second, only aerobic exercise that increase your bodies demand for additional oxygen at cellular level impact long term sustainable fat loss.

Regardless of how much exercise you do, diet will an incredible impact on your final result. The venus factor diet is and example of what works for many women.