Stability Ball Arm Exercises

Your arm strengthening exercises fall into two basic categories – isolation and compound exercises. Isolation exercises are the finishing touch on your workout. They should not be used as a substitution for compound exercises that accomplish more than one objective

Stability ball arm exercises should add an element of instability to your workout. If doing an exercise on a bench feels the same as on the stability ball then do it on a bench why bother with a stability ball?

Each piece of exercise equipment should bring something extra to the table for you if it doesn’t,  forget about. There fitness ball brings three things to the table. The first is the element of the stability; the second is the shape of the ball, the third is the air pressure within the ball.

Each of these elements adds  a specific benefit to your workouts.

Ball Biceps Curl – Standing Quarter Squat

In this exercise, you’re using the air pressure within the ball and the shape of the ball to your advantage. Place the ball behind your back, keep the pressure on it and been your knees slightly, this is your quarters squat which reduce the pressure on your needs and also engages the quadriceps.

From this position, you been your elbow on perform a biceps exercise one at a time. Performing exercise this way creates an imbalance in the pressure you have on the ball. You have to engage your core to compensate. With this action, you’re using the third benefit of the ball that is the element of instability. If you are to perform your double biceps curls at the same time, you will be removing the element of instability, and you’re missing out.

Dumbbell Triceps Extension – Supine Position

Pick up a set of dumbbell’s you can safely use, sit on the ball and roll forward onto the ball placed underneath your back. This is a supine position. From this supine position your elbows and then bend them toward your ears, not your face.

Ball Triceps Extension – Standing

This is a great compound upper arm exercise for women and men. It engages your triceps and your chest. With your arms extended place the ball between you and a stable wall and lean into it without bending your elbows. This is your starting position. From this position allow your elbows to bend until your chest touches the ball and then press the ball and return to starting position.

There are three ways that you can increase the intensity of this exercise. The first is to adjust the position of the ball to a lower position without sacrificing safety. The second  is to bring your feet together which reduces your base of support and makes it more challenging to keep your stability. The third is to shift the pressure from one arm to the other. So in the first rep with the pressure in the right hand in the second rep you put the pressure on the left-hand and keep alternating throughout to set.

I know about two dozen forms of this exercise I can do anywhere. Because of its variety and flexibility it is one of my arm exercises without weights.